Frequently Asked Questions
This is for wedding FAQ, regular shoots are defined through my book now page!
What do your services entail?
For my photo options I offer pretty similar things across the board, I only charge for the time that I am photographing, the editing I do all completely for free, it is my zen time so I only charge for hours taking photographs. During the time frame you hire me for I will photograph anything and everything that you'd like me to photograph. I go through every photo that I take during the shoot and edit all of the ones that I see as the best of each 'set' of photos (the bursts that I take in the moment). I also am more than happy to edit things differently for you if you wish!

Approximate photo count? Photos per hour?
So for an 8 hour package I typically get around 450-500 edited photos. for 6 hours I get around 250-300. Now these are all the best photos in my eyes, but with you having the USB (Free with 8 hour events and business projects, $10 for other packages) with the unedited photos, you can send me any photos that you love and I can edit them and add them to your digital folder free of charge. These numbers are all based on rough estimates. 
Hour-long shoots typically receive anywhere from 40 to 55 photos per session.

Do you provide any physical print outs or all digital?
I do not do any printing myself, but I encourage all of my clients to go to their favorite printing service and print as many photos as they like. I feel like that gives my clients freedom to get every type/size of photo they want! I also do not watermark any of my photographs!

What is your backup plan in case of equipment failure or personal emergency?
I always have 2 cameras with me with 8 SD cards, the photos will not be deleted off the SD cards until they are done being edited on my hard drive so I can always have them until they are completed. I also store the photos on 2 separate hard drives to ensure if one fails, the other will be ok to continue being worked on! For personal emergency, I know many people in the community for photographers and if something comes up I will assist you in finding a replacement to make it as seamless as possible.

If you happen to stay longer than original hours, would you add on extra fees? If so, how much would that look like?
Typically a session will be a little over an hour. Event rates are $350 per hour, hourly rates are standard pricing pro-rated to the amount of time used in the following hour.

How do you like to work during a wedding?
During the wedding I am the couples number 1 hype man and support! I will be running around taking photos, but primarily focused on you 2, during and after ceremony I like to be as in the background as possible, not inhibiting any of the guests from seeing everything. But once the dancing starts I love to get right in the middle of it and capture all of the fun and dance with my couples and their guests! 

How many weddings have you photographed?
I have been photographing weddings  for 4 years now, last year I photographed 28 weddings. I've flown out to Mexico and to Montana just to photograph weddings.

"My fiancé and I hired James to do an Engagement shoot for us and I have to say from the moment he showed up to the moment the pictures were handed over it was an absolute blast to work with him."
-Michael Poppe

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